3 Fun-Filled Attractions for Summertime Travelers in Medford, OR

1457397781047As one of the Beaver State’s largest cities, Medford has quite a bit to offer both first-time tourists and regular visits. Home to an expansive array of natural beauty and must-see sights, Medford is quickly becoming one of Oregon’s most popular destinations for summertime tourists. Whether you’re traveling solo, embarking on a getaway with your special someone or setting off on a family vacation, you’d do well to consider everything Medford has to offer. As you’ll find, Medford-bound summer travelers have a lot to look forward to.

The Rogue River
Summer is the avid outdoorsman’s season of choice. The warm weather and long sunny days are ideal for hikers, fishermen and camping enthusiasts. Fortunately, when it comes to natural splendor, Medford has it in droves. Home to the majestic Rogue River, which offers abundant opportunities for fishing and rafting, Medford is a prime destination for nature lovers from around the country. Travelers who enjoy camping are sure to find their needs met by the many well-kept campgrounds located in the vicinity of the aforementioned river. Conversely, if you’re not a fan of sleeping under the stars, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of accommodating hotels near the airport in Medford, OR.

Wine Tours
Wine lovers will feel like they’ve arrived in paradise upon setting foot in Medford. Located in the heart of the famous Rogue Valley, Medford is just a stone’s throw away from a large number of renowned vineyards. With wine tours for as low as $25, a trip to Medford represents a dream come true for cost-conscious connoisseurs of fine wine. The opportunity to visit the world-famousEdenVale Winery and DANCIN Vineyards is simply too good for adventurous wine aficionados to pass up.


Hands-On Museums
Children of all ages will enjoy visiting Medford’s hands-on discovery museums. For example, the Scienceworks Museum is home to a seemingly endless array of hands-on exhibits, intellectually stimulating live shows and a stunning outdoor garden. Similarly, the Kid Time! Discovery Experience Museum offers a litany of hands-on exhibits designed for the purpose of stimulating brain development in young children while providing them with an undeniably fun experience.
With its abundance of lovely weather and top-tier travel conditions, summer is widely hailed as the season of travel. That being the case, summertime travelers shouldn’t settle for subpar or middle-of-the-road destinations. If picturesque nature, fine wine and family fun are what you’re looking for this summer, don’t hesitate to start planning your Medford getaway.