A Basic Guide to Making the Big Move to Puerto Rico

Moving across the country is a huge and overwhelming project no matter how far. But what if the move crossed international borders? A move to Puerto Rico is a wonderful idea, and tens of thousands of Americans have made this wild yet very reasonable decision in the past decade. The country’s healthy economy and low cost of living is appealing. The below is an overall guide of moving to the country, including how to prepare and who can do it.

Preparing for a Trip

It takes about two weeks to actually transfer items from one location to Puerto Rico. In preparing for the trip, try to pack out as much as possible to keep costs low. Self-packing personal goods does not necessarily include a vehicle. Set up the insurance and tags before traveling, if possible.

Finding a Job

Moving to Puerto Rico requires a job, so this should be the first priority. One would be surprised to find the number of jobs in the country. Local page listings, such as Craigslist and other popular websites, will highlight some accessible jobs suitable to the background of the individual. Some of these companies understand that people are moving from overseas, so they collaborate with individuals to facilitate a nice easy hire.

Puerto Rico has headhunting companies and job placement services to help make this process easier as well. Of course, there is always the grassroots strategy of knocking on office doors. If done nicely, most people will be more than happy to help provide a contact or suggestion- if not a job.

Who Can Help in the Move?

There are a handful of international moving companies to Puerto Rico. Compass is arguably one of the most popular, and their special moving arrangements to Puerto Rico are unparalleled. They work in shipping cars as well as full trucks of items and goods. There are also business-related reasons for moving to Puerto Rico, and this is all accounted for in a high quality shipping company.

This is an adventure well worth taking. The cost of living is substantially below the national average. Puerto Rico also has an average median list price of $195,000- markedly below the Virgin Islands.