Caring For Your Boat

If you own a boat, then you probably know that there are some details that get overlooked while cleaning or providing the proper care. If you have a checklist of boat maintenance tips, then you can easily make sure your investment last for many years so that you can enjoy being on the water.

Small Boat Plan

Depending on the type of water that you’re in, you need to clean the boat on a regular basis. If you are in salt water more than fresh water, then you want to make sure to clean the bottom of the boat frequently to prevent rust and erosion from taking place. The salt can sometimes eat through the paint and metal of the boat, which can put holes in the boat, If there are holes, then water can get inside, keeping the boat from staying afloat while on the water.

Perform a general inspection when you take the boat out and when it’s docked. There are unforeseen things that can happen, such as hitting a limb while in the water or a rock coming in contact with the boat or glass that might be on the boat. These things sometimes aren’t detected while you’re out, but if you give the vessel a proper walk-through, then you can see if there are any cracks or small areas of damage. An option for protecting the boat while it’s docked is to cover it with a tarp. This will help prevent fading on the cushions and flooring from the sun, allowing you to keep the beautiful look of the boat for a longer time.

As with a car, you need to change the oil in the boat. The frequency will depend on the kind of boat that you have and how often it’s on the water. After the boat is running for about five minutes, check the oil level to see if it’s too low and to make sure there isn’t a milky color. If there is, then it could be an indication that coolant is getting into the motor. Examine the propeller for any nicks or dents that would prevent the boat from properly getting through the water.