Egypt Nile Cruise (2)

This was my first cruise with Carnival and I knew very little about what to expect, so it was a little bit thrilling discovering this new ship.

The Silhouette sails in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean depending on the season. Throughout the summer time and fall months the Silhouette might be found patrolling the Mediterranean whereas in the winter it heads west to the warm waters of the Caribbean. Although Celeb can change a ships itinerary for a season the Silhouette has been fairly constant since it launched. While within the Mediterranean it sails from Rome (Civitavecchia) and Venice. Within the Caribbean it sails from Fort Lauderdale.

We had our Bishop and 6 priests with us. The Bishop celebrated Mass day by day usually outdoors at a spiritual site. We had Holy Mass on the banks of the river of Lydia’s baptism, proper by Mary’s house in Ephesus and right by John’s cave of revelation in Patmos. Each night we had a presentation on a subject of our religion by the Bishop, a priest, or Steve.

Considering the high costs of aircraft fare, resorts, and meals at resorts and in lots of foreign countries, it will probably nonetheless be cheaper to cruise than to visit by aircraft some cities. Upon disembarkation, vacationers can usually find fascinating sites to tour inside strolling distance or within a brief trip by cheap public transportation. This could make a European cruise less expensive than flying to Paris and touring by plane or train to London and Rome, with lodge stays and meals in each metropolis.

After we arrived at Stalin’s ‘vacation house’, we discovered a grim darkish green building, which was mostly closed to the general public, even his swimming pool which was on the itinerary was closed for renovation. Saved almost as it was in Stalin’s time, with a life-size wax determine of Stalin sitting at his desk in his workplace, it was fairly unnerving.