How to Sell Sea Glass Jewelry

Once I started collecting sea glass and making jewelry I knew the next logical step was to try to sell what I was making.  Did I plan to make a lot of money?  No.  I’m not a high-end jewelry maker. I don’t use sterling silver or gold. I use wire purchased at Michaels and A.C. Moore. I don’t use expensive one of a kind beads. Although I do have a few very nice ones in my collection from bead shops I use a lot of beads from local craft stores. So I can’t sell at high end jewelry shows. Where to sell?

First try local craft fairs and flea markets.  Tables are usually inexpensive, around $20- $25. You will have an opportunity to talk with other crafters while at these shows and will quickly learn which shows are worth attending. Local artisan shops are another great place to sell your jewelry. Call ahead of time to scheduled a time to see the owner.  Ask if you need your own display, some say yes, some no. Also be aware that you will be paying between 30%-40% commission on each piece that is sold.

If you are somewhat capable about the online world you may be able to open a shop on sites like etsy. While etsy works for a lot of people, some say the problem is there are too many sellers and items tend to get lost in searches on the site.

Remember that sales may come slowly, so don’t get disappointed. Keep at it. In the end you may just find you can enjoy your hobby even more selling handmade sea glass jewelry.