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Ha Long Bay- What Do You Need To Know About This Place? Ha Long Bay is located in Qu?ng Ninh Province, Vietnam. The Ha long bay is very popular and a lot of people travel to this place since it was desinated as a world heritage site in 1994. You will find a lot of isles that are in different sizes and shapes and thousands of limestine karsts in Ha long bay. The bay is the center of a larger area including the B?i T? Long Bay that is in the northeast area, and C?t B? Island that is in the southwest area. The larger areas has similar climate, cultural, geological, geomorphological and geographical characters. The climate in the ha long bay is tropical. The area of Ha long bay is about 1,553 km2 and it has 2,000 islets. The area of the core of Ha long bay is about 334 km2 that has a high density of 775 islets. The limestone that are in ha long bay was formed for over 500 million years. The karst in the bay evolved for 20 million years because of the tropical wet climate. The geo-diversity of the environment in the bay area made a biodiversity, which includes a oceanic biosystem, sea shore biosystem and the tropical evergreen biosystem. There are 60 endemic faunal species and 14 endemic floral species in the Bay.
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There are historical research that were conducted that prove that there was presence of prehistorical human beings in the area for over a thousands of years ago.
What I Can Teach You About Traveling
The Soi Nh? culture, C?i B?o culture and he H? Long culture are the different ancient cultures in the area. The Soi Nh? culture was found around 18,000-7000 BC. The C?i B?o culture was formed in 7000-5000 BC. The Ha long culture was formed at least 5,000 years ago. They actually found different artifacts in the ha long bay. Ha long bay is known as the most popular and the number one tourist destination in Vietnam. They offer cruise ships, that will tour the tourist around the bay. Here are some of the sights that you can see in Ha long bay; Cat Ba National park which is in the Cat Ba island, the Lan Ha Bay, Hospital cave, Cat Co Cove and Cannon Fort are also in the Cat Ba Island, The Bai Tu Long National Park can be seen in the Bai Tu Long Bay, The Minh Chau Beach in the Quan Lan Island and the Hang Dau Go and Hang Sung Sot in the ha long Bay. There are so many things that you can see and do in Ha long bay. If you want to get a great Ha long bay tour package then you should search the internet.

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