Much More Than Just a Massage

Tantric massage is very special, unique kind of massage. It can’t be made by anyone, because you need a certain “initiation”. Those who practice this type of massage need to master the principles of meditation.
Massage Hong Kong must begin with Tantric rituals and with a stage of meditation for Chakra concentration and spiritual connection with the entire universe. This type of massage is not meant to work the muscles or to remove fatigue, but to awaken the mystical energy and to bring the spirit and body in harmony with the universe. There is a special music that is recommended for Massage Hong Kong, which together with some lights and with soft and sensual touches channels the energy and increases the body’s sensitivity to a parallel reality. You need a lot of knowledge about the art of this intimate massage. Do not use aromatic oils in order not to distract attention to the earthly things. Massage Hong Kong is beneficial for health and for bringing healing energy and helping people to cure different diseases faster. Couples who use Massage Hong Kong Massage create strong emotional bonds and strengthen love, affection and confidence.
Hong Kong massage offers a vision of transcendence and enlightenment, totally different from all other spiritual paths, or various branches of the Yoga system. In Tantric massage, the road to spirituality passes right through human’s heart which is consciously open for everyone else. In other words, you can fulfill a wish without fading blindly in a wave of passion, but getting it respectful, open and, at the same time, knowing certain keys related to the control of energies. 
Hotel massage Hong Kong is not only sexuality. More than anything, Tantric is a spiritual Interior attitude. Many people are attracted to it, but from the many that are called, few are chosen. In order, to understand and practice it wisely, you need to have an open mind, intelligence and courage. These qualities are extremely rare for this period of spiritual decay. That is why nowadays very few people are able to practice Massage Hong Kong, even though many fancy that they can. Correct information about techniques, methods of approach and a continuous supervision of a tantric master are essential conditions for an authentic Tantric practice. 
Tantric in the West became a famous and successful, although it is not really known and correctly understood. Unfortunately, few people have access to authentic information regarding Tantric, which is approached in the superficially way in most of western Tantric schools. They often have information that doesn’t really relate to the true Tantric science, just as we cannot say that astrology and astronomy are identical, they are in fact two completely different Sciences.
Thus, we can say that behind a Massage Hong Kong stays a mystical esoteric science that deals with the study of the entire universe, since the human being: your thoughts, your emotions, your physical body, and continuing with the changes of nature, the harmony of music and vibrations, reaching up to the dynamics of the stars and the entire cosmos.

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