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Critical Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Website Design

The primary focus of any eCommerce platform is to facilitate sales. However, the achievement of that objective may be undermined by the wrong eCommerce web design. Thankfully here, we discuss some essential marketing approaches that online retailers should take into account when designing their sites to boost sales and ultimately, ROI.

Feature Excellent Product Images

Posting superior-quality photos for your eCommerce products can massively influence sales. Keep in mind that internet marketing today exists in a world where visual sharing has become extremely popular. An internet inspiration platform like Pinterest is growing at a breathtaking speed. The news feed of the most dominant social networking site today, Facebook, prioritizes pictures and graphics. As such, it’s evident that you can only optimize your social media marketing activities if your eCommerce site uses high-quality product graphics. Your social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) fans will gladly share and help market your products if portrayed well visually.

Pay Attention to Category Landing Pages

Some online retailers pay so much attention to the home page and forget all about their category landing pages, which are important aspects of the leads-sales conversion funnel. Category landing pages are where your search engine optimization (SEO) activities seek to drive traffic to. If you’re also practicing Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, the leads you get will find these landing pages first.

It’s important that your category landing pages have the right design and features speed up conversion rates. There are several approaches for that, for example using a descriptive headline or adding a top-sellers section. You may also provide high-quality, convincing content that includes a call-to-action.

Give Due Consideration to the Shopping Cart

A common mistake in the design of eCommerce sites is to treat the shopping cart as nothing much beyond some transactional space. Yet, the shopping cart is also where so many potential buyers unnecessarily jump out of the conversion funnel. As such, it helps to provide a user-friendly cart interface that makes shopping easy and inspires shoppers to buy and move on to check out. Ensure great-quality graphic design to suit your brand image. It’s also critical to not use an external shopping cart as that puts off potential buyers.

Include Trust Signs

E-Commerce websites have been around for a while, but not every shopper has embraced them, especially the older demographics. A lot of them have trust issues with making online payments. This can be a problem even if you’re an established brick and mortar brand trying to make headway online for the first time.

You may win the confidence of the doubtful shopper by providing trust symbols. For instance, you may have customer logos and professional medals. You may have the VeriSign or MacAfee signage for checkout.

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