Visit to the Great Wall

great-wall-china It takes hundreds of years to build this wall, made at the time of various dynasties and emperors. During the manufacturing process have claimed millions of victims died. This wall is made before the Qin Dynasty ruled China, precisely built in the era of the warring states. When the powerful Qin Dynasty, Emperor Qin Shi-huang continue development and strengthening back wall that had been built before. After the death of Emperor Qin Shi-huang, making this wall had been halted and only resumed in the Sui Dynasty, the last resumed manufacture wall at the time of the Ming Dynasty. Form the walls of which are now visited by local and foreign tourists is a result of development from the time of the Ming Dynasty.

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From the center of Beijing, visitors can climb to the Great Wall of 3 (three) sides, namely through Mutianyu, Juyongguan and Badaling. From Beijing, the distance to the closer Badaling is ± 1.5 hours away by bus via the motorway. Once up on the wall, it will look very spectacular natural scenery and soothing

In the present, the Great Wall is no longer used as a military stronghold. Great Wall made as one-on-one mainstay of China’s State travel. The beauty of the Great Wall is reflected on the grandeur, power and greatness. Great Wall has the appeal of art and architecture, diverse and charming.


From the results of recent research conducted, it was the Great Wall of China longer than anyone expected size over the years. From the sophistication of infra-red technology and latest GPS which is owned by the Chinese government, the experts can perform thorough measurement and the measurement results can be known, it turns out that the actual length of Great Wall of China is 8,850 kilometers, or equal to 5,500 miles.