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Joining a Golf Club: It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran golfer or a newbie – you’ll probably have the urge to join a golf club, where you can play as much golf as you want and enjoy other treats. Even if you like playing in various courses, membership benefits are still worth a grab. Besides, being part of a club doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not allowed to play elsewhere. In fact, you can invite other members of other clubs to your own club and vice versa. In any case, below are the six key reasons you’d like to sign that membership application: Friendship and Camaraderie
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Perhaps one of the most important benefits of being part of a golf club is the sense of camaraderie and community you can share with other members. All clubs treat these relationships as big deal. They take pride in being able to provide a respite from the daily rigors of life. They give value to the personal relationships made both on the course and off. Family members can also enjoy the benefits too, not just when they play golf but also when they want to grab a good meal or a few drinks by the pool.
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Excellent Playing Conditions In terms of conditions, there’s no going wrong with a club that works to keep their course in a perfect state. These venues aren’t only strictly and regularly maintained, but they also have fewer golfers, meaning there will be less foot traffic and divots on the greens. Greater Game Efficiency Being a golf club member, the last thing you’ll worry about is pace of play. Again, since there are fewer golfers on the course, you can move faster through a round of golf in shorter than four hours. This is a substantial advantage for those who, because of their busy schedules, don’t always have 5 to 6 hours to spare for golf. Cheaper Overall Cost In the beginning, a membership often seems very expensive; but after totaling the green fees and other expenses, you will see that it actually even lets you save money within a span of a year. On top of discounts on the course, membership normally comes with discounts on golf lessons, equipment repair, and the like. Furthermore, golf clubs offer other amenities as well, which only increases the value of your membership. Most of them have gyms, tennis courts, spas, and yes, swimming pools. In short, they are meant not only for the golfers themselves but also for their families, who may have varied interests. Sense of Family We all want to feel a sense of warm belonging. That’s just how you feel when you’re part of a golf club. Being first name basis with waiters, your children being friends with the reception staff – such a great feeling to know that your family is actually bigger than it is on paper.