RV Road Safety

Summer is here and for most RVers it means it’s time to hit the road for new adventures. If you’re new to RVing you should make sure you’re familiar with RV safety and road regulations. Seasoned pro? Well even the pros can benefit from a refresher now and then! Let’s get started.


Safety begins with the RV itself. If you’re new, start small. The larger the RV the harder it is to drive and the sharper the learning curve. Driving an RV is not like driving a car or even a truck. There are special challenges involved. Those new to RVing or who haven’t been on the road for awhile should do a few practice runs around the neighborhood before hitting the highway. Parking and lane changes are important skills that can be very different than doing the same in a car or pickup.

For those just starting out and who already have a pickup truck, a fifth wheel is an excellent choice. These RVs offer all the comforts and amenities of a traditional RV with the convenience of being able to hook it up to your truck and go. There’s little learning curve when it comes to driving and parking is a breeze. Even better, you can unhook and leave your RV at your campsite and take your truck out for shopping, sightseeing or anything you’d like. There’s none of the hassles that come with having to tow your car with you. Check out Wilkins RV for a great selection of fifth wheels for sale

Once you’re out on the road, there are some safety rules to keep in mind. First, stay in the far right lane. RVs, regardless of size, have one thing in common. They’re slow, especially when going up inclines. Don’t hold up traffic by traveling in the center lane and stay far away from the left one. Remember, going too slow in the fast lane can be as dangerous as going too fast.

Keep an eye on the weather too, and try to get off the road if conditions become severe. Driving in heavy rain and winds is very dangerous. Never ever try to ride out a tornado or a flash flood in an RV. Get off the road and to a safe shelter immediately. It goes without saying that when you’re behind the wheel of your RV, your focus should be on the road, not your phone, camera, tablet or anything else. Stay alert and stay safe!