The Mountains Were Beautiful in The World

The mountains were beautiful in the world

There are lots of Volcanoes in the World with an amazing sight. These mountains are famous for very beautiful and deadly. 10 Most Amazing Mountains Beautiful attracting thousands of tourists to climb. Whoever you are, if you have an adventurous spirit can visit Mount’s Most Beautiful and Amazing. If you want to trip or hiking to mountains of the world, use a credit card that could save money in the reviews in

Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Mount Vesuvius is located in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. Vesuvius is known as eruptions occurred in 78 AD that destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. This mountain is the only active volcano in Europe which last erupted in 1944 ago. The area around the mountain is a volcanic region of the most populous in the world. The volcano is now part of the National Park of Vesuvius has an important role and local cultural mythology. In this place you can watch a smoky area, the ruins of Pompeii and sedimentary lava and the beautiful scenery of the Bay of Naples is quite a lot of features that attract tourists.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Located 100 kilometers from Tokyo, Japan, Mount Fuji is one of the symbols of Japanese culture. He has an important place in the history and culture of Japan that this mountain is visited by many tourists. Capped peaks of the surrounding five lakes, old temples and remnants of ancient culture is an incredibly beautiful to enjoy.

Mount Fuji is an active volcano and the type stratovolcano last erupted in 1707. This mountain is the highest peak in Japan and is now a part of the National Park Fuji-Hakone-Izu and has been visited by more than 3 million tourists annually.

Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Mount Bromo is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park located in East Java, Indonesia. Mount Bromo is one of the mountain Most Popular In South-East Asia. The area is inhabited by people of Tengger tribe who often Yadnya Kasada Festival organized annually by throwing vegetables and other farm animals into the caldera to ask for the welfare of the god of mountain spirits. Besides watch Sunrise (Sunrise) is the most popular activity on the mountain besides horseback riding and climbing. Mount Bromo is a volcano which is still active and visit sometimes restricted if the place is in a dangerous state to be visited.

Mount Etna, Italy

Mount Etna is the heart of the city of Sicily, Italy. This active volcano continued to belch ash and lava and is home to the mythological Cyclops creatures. With the snow-covered peak and there are 40 craters in it is a very beautiful sight that I will never forget as long as you live.

With a height of 3,329 meters above sea level, this mountain is one of the highest peaks in Europe. Regardless of ascent, it also provides jeep tours and cable car for tourists.

Mount Arenal, Kosta Rika

Arenal Volcano is an active and frequent spitting out lava. His last eruption occurred in 1968 and that nearly destroyed the town of Tabacon, Kosta Rika. Mountains surrounded by the Arenal Volcano National Park is an ideal place to enjoy a lava flow. In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, flora and fauna, tourists can also enjoy a variety of other activities such as trekking, rafting, swimming and riding a mountain bike. Bathing in many hot springs is also a favorite activity of tourists in this place.

Mount Thrihnukagigur, Iceland

Located 21 kilometers away from the city of Reykjavik, Iceland, This volcano is one of the Most Beautiful Mountains Amazing World which has been dormant for 4,000 years and possibly more active again in the near future. The most impressive feature of the Mount Thrihnukagigur this is that it is the only volcano in the world that can be explored from the inside. There is the facility to enter as far as 120 meters into the main cater.

Mount St. Helens, USA

Mount St. Helens, located in the USA is famous because eruptions occurred in 1980 and that took its toll of 57 people dead and leveling the surrounding area of 600 square kilometers.

Mount St. Helens is one of the most active volcanoes in the United States. The volcano and the surrounding area are now on hold as part of a National Monument Mountain Volcanic attracts thousands of tourists every year. The visitors allowed to approach to a distance of 6.4 kilometers from the crater.

Mount Krakatu, Indonesia

Mount Krakatau is one of the most active volcano in Indonesia. This mountain is part of the Ujung Kulon National Park. In 1883 the mountain erupted with force in a sweeping mighty volcanic history that destroys all the surrounding islands as well as forming new mountain.About 35,000 people died in the eruption also resulted in the Tsunami. New island was formed in 1930, called Anak Krakatau is now a tourist destination is very popular. Travel by boat and fishing in lagoon is a favorite activity for tourists. Coral reefs and coastal and Rainforests are home to many organisms of many species.