All about Rainbow Fountain at Banpo Bridge

Hi Travelers, long time no greeting everyone. This time, I want to tell you about one of the places that is so romantic and wow cool. Maybe before I have discussed it, but it’s okay, this time I want to discuss in a little more detail.

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It’s called Banpo Bridge. bridge?

yes, the Banpo bridge in South Korea. Actually, it’s not only in Korea that has romantic bridges, because there are also many bridges that are identical with romantic nuances.

But this one is different. Very different. Banpo Bridge, is no stranger among Korean lovers, especially, and among tourists. This bridge is a bridge that connects two South Korean researchers, namely Seocho and Yongsan Department.

What is interesting?

First, this bridge was built on the bridge too. So, there is a bridge at the bottom called Jamsu Bridge. The jamsu bridge and also the banpo bridge cut through the Han river at the bottom. So, imagine, right, how busy is the traffic on these two bridges every day? Even more interesting is that Banpo Bridge is one of the must see attractions when you visit Seoul, South Korea.

In Banpo Bridge there is a fountain show that is very very beautiful and romantic. This fountain called the rainbow fountain is the center of attraction or charm of Banpo Bridge. Fountains are on the left and right sides of the banpo bridge and extend along the Banpo Bridge. It’s called rainbow because the water is indeed colorful like a rainbow. Imagined the beauty?

If not, the Rainbow Fountain comes from the advanced technology of LED lights installed on Banpo Bridge. The fountain will also dance to the anesthetical dances and amaze anyone who sees it. The fountain which also comes from water in the Han River is the result of a creative breakthrough of the South Korean government since 2007.

Yes, the idea came up since 2007 who wanted something interesting and spectacular in the Han River or Han alley

The government finally made the rainbow fountain by utilizing the Han river water and the latest technology from the LED lights. Not only that, there are other things that can make it look even more attractive. Therefore, as long as the fountain is dancing, music is used to accompany it.

The idea was successfully applied around 2008 and see the results. Rainbow fountain is now hunted by tourists who come to Seoul. 10,000 LEDs are installed on each side of the bridge to execute every attraction you want to show. The water that comes out is fired at 190 tons per minute! This South Korean government project became the first such project in the world.

No half-hearted too, rainbow fountain at Banpo Bridge also entered the world record as the longest fountain in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. Cool again, this fountain is one form of government efforts that care about the environment, namely efforts to recycle water in the Han River, and again the first used as a tourist attraction.

If you’ve ever watched a drama from this ginseng country, you will often see this rainbow fountain setting the drama’s story. Or, if you are a fan of beautiful SNSD girls and handsome guys in Super Junior, there is a Music Video from SEOUL song that uses the background of Banpo Bridge and also the rainbow fountain. SEOUL song is a song intended for tourism promotion in SEOUL, South Korea.

Well, what if you want to visit and see first hand the rainbow fountain action at Banpo Bridge? Follow my writing.