Content Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips


What nowadays people read on the internet is nothing but content. They may be majorly regarding a newly launched product, health and beauty tips, news piece, “how to do” list etc. These are all considered as web content. Now everyone who has a flair for writing cannot produce content. Knowing how to write and being able to produce actual content is different.

If you want to pursue a career as a content writer, you should know that what you are writing will be read by millions of people across the globe. They have different perception level. They love to read original contents which are easily understood and answer their questions. Content writing doesn’t have to hard actually.

Read these 6 tips to learn the techniques of content writing:

  1. Don’t write long sentences. Shorter sentences which are easily understood makes for a great reading. Yes, we know you love writing long sentences with ornamental English, but that is not suitable for content making.
  2. The content you will be creating must have a story telling approach; in other words, it should be conversational. Your reader will feel as if you are addressing them on a personal level. Remember, a content writer must address the issue a reader is interested into. Don’t exaggerate the story telling mode by not touching upon the context. Your reader will feel bored and ultimately move to another page with much attention-grabbing content.
  3. Use lots of sub headings, split up your writing into different paragraphs, use bullet points, numberings etc in order to make your writing interesting to look. Subheadings and paragraph will help you to highlight different issues. An enticing title and an interesting introduction is a must. It should be colloquial which will make the readers immediately relate to their circumstances. For example, headings like, “you won’t believe what I got after using this product” can help you to attract more traffics to your website.
  4. Content writers should include media related stuff in your writings. Contents with images, videos, info graphics, URLs and other media have the ability to go viral. People will love to read contents which have a strong visual impact on them.
  5. Knowing about the audiences you are writing for is important. Learn who your target audiences are and create the content in a tone that will immediately strike gold with your audiences.
  6. Use active voice; stay away from passive. Passive voice makes the sentences unnecessarily heavy. Your readers will not be able to relate to the issue you are putting up with them; nor will they feel that you are aiming to start a conversation with them. & most importantly, don’t put in biased information in your writing.