Hiking philosophy that Will Change Your Life

Instead of up to the top but about conquering yourself, Climbing a mountain is the most preferred activities of young people. In addition to taste rare beauty on a mountaintop, mountain climbing can also train physically and mentally. Not only that, do you realize mountain climbing are also taught us about the philosophy of life, you know. Here is a series of mountain climbing philosophy that deals with the journey of life!

1. Before the hike, you should set a goal first, going until the top of the mountain or not. Similarly in life.

Interest of people of different mountain climbing. You must be able to assess the ability of self and desire that you have. Climb the mountain not to be up to the summit, you can just jamming camp at half route, such as Ranu Kumbolo those at Mount Semeru.

Life is like climbing a mountain. Before doing anything, you have to establish what your life purpose. No need to imitate others, set something that you believe can accomplish. As well you should know what is really so wish that would make you happy.

2. Have a plan. Start all the equipment and the condition of their bodies capable of reaching targets you want to reach.

Mountain climbing is not the same as the trips to the theme parks. Terrain and the situation that you are walking very difficult and not predictable. For that you need careful planning. From determining the departure time, route, point of rest, preparation of all equipment and ensure physically fit. Climbing without a solid plan can kill you, so this is not the case kidding.

In life was so. We should always begin with careful planning steps so that everything is going fine.

3. You can climb alone, but it would be better if you go with friends.

Terrain and situations that will feel lighter weight if you have a companion. Would that you look for friends who want to hike with you. Itself does make you walk faster, but with friends will make you go further.

So it is with life. Although you can feel the road alone, believe you still need a friend or a companion for life.

4. You will realize that this is not about conquering the mountain, but the conquest of self.

Challenges and serious situations will make you think of giving up. Fatigue, oxygen is depleted and the air is cold, reason enough for you to give up. You will realize that climbing is not about conquering nature, but to conquer yourself.

So it is with life. Being great is not about conquering the world and everything in it, but the conquest of the ego self and self-control.

5. Reaching the top of the destination they need to fight and sacrifice. Is not the journey of life as well?

The mountain peaks are so goal hike requires struggle and sacrifice is not small. Each climber must have felt it. No planes or vehicles which facilitate travel.

Same with the journey of life. Nothing is instant in this world. If you want to achieve your goal, you have to strive and struggle to get there. There will always be many obstacles and barriers that you have to pass to reach the peak of success.

6. If you want to get or see something amazing, get out of your comfort zone.

The mountain is not a comfort zone for everyone. The trip to the top of the mountain and get a wonderful view of it need a process that is not easy. Climbing the mountain shows you venture out of the comfort zone and leave the convenience of urban living in the moment.

Same with life. Success always comes to those who venture out of the comfort zone. Success is the property of the person who receives and passes the challenge.