How to Save Free Space on a Hard Drive with Movavi Photo Batch

Have you ever had to shrink numerous images so that they were smaller and consumed less space on your hard drive? Did you also want to switch them to a more compression-friendly format such as JPG?

Essentially those are the two main ways to reduce the file size of your photos so that they consume less space on your hard drive. Of course in order to save a considerable amount of space you will want to shrink and convert multiple photos – and that can be tedious if done individually.

Rather than trying to shrink and convert images one by one, you could use Movavi Photo Batch to do the same thing – but in bulk. In other words you will be able to set the task, and let the software automatically apply the changes to all your photos in a ‘batch’.

With the features in Movavi Photo Batch you will be able to perform several different tasks in addition to using it as an image resizer, including:

  • Renaming images to fit a certain schema to make it easier to organize them.
  • Converting the format of images to TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, and many others.
  • Resizing images by a percentage of their original size, to fit into a certain frame size or to a specific custom set of dimensions.
  • Adjusting the quality of your photos automatically to improve how they look.
  • Transforming the orientation of photos by flipping or rotating them so that they are the ‘right side up’.

As you can see these features should cover all of your everyday needs and help you to prepare your photos for any purpose. The user interface of Movavi Photo Batch itself will make it easy for you to select the type of task you want to perform and apply it with nothing more than a few clicks.

All in all you will undoubtedly find that Movavi Photo Batch makes it a lot more convenient for you to perform these tasks – especially when you’re dealing with images or photos in bulk. Of course rather than taking anyone else’s word for it you should try it out for yourself and put it through the paces to see what it can do.