How to Save on Airline Baggage Fees and Eliminate Stress While Traveling

When you are traveling for an extensive period as an individual or even a short period of time as family, in addition to coordinating itineraries, not forgetting passports or your mind, packaging can become a great stress within itself. One suitcase can quickly turn into multiple suitcases with sporting equipment for your golfing expedition, clothing and accessories for that international give away, or must haves for that cruise. With airlines line costs continuing to rise with check bag fees, travelers can find themselves absorbing high and extra costs to travel with more than two pieces of luggage on a carrier, enough to sour the beginning of any vacation. Additionally, costs are not the only concern when it comes to traveling with multiple pieces of luggage. Think about the time involved with going through security to clear those pieces, as well as the stress of carrying a multitude of heavy suitcases throughout the area airport until you reach your hub. The travel strife continues when you arrive at your destination to have to lug all your pieces back to the hotel, golf resort, or cruise port.

It is time to take a deep breath, ease your stress, and begin becoming excited about vacation preparation again by handing your cares over to the professionals, such as Luggage Shipping: Ship Bags Worry Free with Luggage Forward, who will literally do the heavy suit case lifting and destination coordinating for you! Through providing high quality shipping domestically and internationally within hundreds of countries and territories worldwide, luggage shipping services pick up those bags right at your doorstep, handling the linguistics involved with security and complete and submitting all customs documentation, if traveling internationally. Baggage items are then carefully delivered directly to your destination, whether that destination is your hotel, Airbnb, golf course, or cruise port, with no need for extra packaging. Service can be ordered as fast as overnight, if traveling domestically, or within seven business days from pickup to delivery.

Additionally, it is all inclusive with pricing varying according to the time frame of the shipment, size of the shipment, and number of bags being transported. Customers will not encounter taxes, pick-up, handling, or fuel surcharges. Each piece of luggage is also insured up to $500.00 with the option to purchase more insurance if needed. So, what happens if your luggage does not arrive on time? Experience peace of mind knowing you will be reimbursed for any incidental expenses up to $500.00 per bag. It should be noted that other variables may come into play with costs, including weekdays verses weekend services. Overall, utilizing quality companies as the above mentioned will not require you to break the bank with fees typically adding up to be the same when compared to round trip airline pricing for several checked bags. So why not enjoy the experience of having the same door to door luxury luggage service that many celebrities do at a fraction of the cost!