The Best Diving Place in The World

wisata-bawah-laut-indonesiaRaja Ampat Islands is a tourist destination located in Papua region. This tour was well known throughout the world for its natural beauty is stunning. One form of popularity attractions Raja Ampat is with the documentary made by Avant Premiere entitled “Edis Paradise 3”, in which the film tells the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in the area of Papua, which this tour is also dubbed as a World Oceans Amazon region. The nickname was given because of the location of these sites is in the center of world coral triangle. Tourism Raja Ampat Islands are territorial region of West Papua, which is a group of islands that spread is from about 610 islands, but only 35 islands are inhabited by a population.

The tourists who come from around the world had come attractions in Papua to enjoy the unique beauty of the island and underwater travel, as well as exploring the underwater walls by means diving. Here tourists can navigate the large and small islands, mountains, tropical forests, coral strand sea, white sand beaches as well as the diversity of animal life in the tourist area of Raja Ampat. It can be said if the natural wealth like this is very rare, so come to the grace that is difficult to describe with words.

Underwater beauty of Raja Ampat is already beyond a reasonable doubt, then do not be surprised if these islands touted as one of the best locations in the world diving site. In fact, the diversity and completeness of flora and fauna under the sea has also been recognized in the eyes of the world, and based on the results of the study, at the Raja Ampat Islands are 75{c62f5f2686d158d1a23745a2ec4a21e28cd9d032094b3e3c9086721e9e4f5014} species of coral species of the total species of coral species in the world, and no single place that has the number of coral species as much, when you’re diving in the waters of Raja Ampat Islands, you can find a variety of unique coral species, such as dwarf sea horses, manta rays, reef sharks, barracuda, and others.
Any activity that can be done in the Raja Ampat Islands?

Many islands and narrow strait in the Raja Ampat Islands, causing at a certain time in most of the dive on these islands has a strong current, so it allows you to do a drift dive, a dive, following a strong current in the water to break through the crystal clear sea that the fish exist in the dive sites.

Tourists visiting the Raja Ampat islands are mostly divers. For those of you who can not dive, in this place you can enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches, a cluster of islands karst charming and unique flora and fauna are endemic, such as birds of paradise, parrot, parrots, and various species of orchids. Additionally, you can also see relics of a prehistoric form of the hand stamp found on the walls of rock estimated 50,000 years old and also remains of WWII aircraft that have been sunk.