Tips Traveling to Asia


You want to go to Asia, but your money is not enough? Do not worry, because Southeast Asia is one part of Asia, where the cost of living here is cheaper than east Asian countries. Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore is a tourist destination frequented by people from Europe and America. We got a few tips for those of you lovers of the trip exciting, unique and a lot of new things, because in the Southeast Asian region has a unique people, friendly and fun.

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1. The right time
Do not forget the time of departure, so as not to coincide with the local big day, the holiday season or a particular festival, because tickets for transportation to the country is very expensive. Book tickets in advance and avoid traveling on Sunday. Proper planning is also needed so that you know how long you will be visiting a country before leaving for the next destination country.


2. Hotel
Choose a hotel safe and convenient, because the hotel is a place to relax and restore your energy, so you always excellent when traveling. Additionally select the location of the Hotel is close to public transportation. If you are traveling alone, choose Hotel or Guest House that is comfortable and close to downtown, so you are not confused in traveling, and you can enjoy the place you are visiting.

3. Bag and your goods
It is recommended to bring one backpack containing all your own purposes. Bring clothes that are easily washed and dried so that you can wear it again quickly. Disposable underwear may be practical, but the price could be be costly in some locations. So, make a more practical about your own luggage as needed.


4. Eating and Drinking
Make sure you choose a place to eat and drink that is friendly to the tongue and your stomach. Most people of Southeast Asia like the food spicy and sweet (for that you have to make sure your condition is really healthy at the start of the trip). Try food typical of a country in the traditional market because the price is much cheaper than traditional foods sold in restaurants. Fast food restaurants could be the last option, but do not eat fast food every day to keep fit while traveling.

5. Friendship
Make friends and look for as many friends in the countries you visit (it is recommended that you do so well in advance before leaving). You can cut costs by staying with a friend during a visit in a country. Maintain good communication with friends acquaintances because you do not know when it would need their help. And do not forget to always smile back indigenous people, because they are always smiling and always friendly towards foreigners or people from Europe and America.


Hopefully helpful tips and Happy traveling.