Traveling Tips with Friends

“Do not walk behind me; I may not lead.” Just walk beside me and be my friend. ” – Albert Camus

Tired of routine work or just longing for nature, maybe you are less picnic. Pack your backpack and lets travel. If you’ve often solo traveling, why not try something else, for example traveling with friends. In addition to adding hours of flying experience in the world of per-traveling, you can also add to your friendship story. Already set schedule leave for traveling with friends? Time for execution ya. Before the scene to the sea because same action of our friend, try make sure first 8 tips traveling with friends so as not to the world of this trouble bumps.

1. Set goals to be aligned and like-minded

“I want to come here, but he wants to be there, so just continue until the width of the horse”.

Well, don’t let drama before leaving traveling, you and friends must deal “where are we going?” let the same – equally good, adjust to your traveling budget, any tourist attractions that want to visit, etc.. Suggestion wrote, do not grandiose first want to travel with friends abroad. Try traveling first in Indonesia, Don’t lost hits same overseas. If traveling with friends in Indonesia wrote successfully, then go ahead abroad.

2. Write down our bucket list, why not?

List all the places you and your best friend would like to visit. May list as much as possible, but you also must be advised if not all the sights on the list can be visited. Could be because the location of the tour is too far from where you stay or less touristic. Give understanding to your friends and discuss for other tourist reserves you want to visit.

3. Apply 1 door financial

After the destination and where to go, budgeting is the peak. Apply 1 door financial. Choose between you or your best friend managing finances to avoid over budget. Create spending details per day while traveling. You and your friends must have a recap of expenditure so that there will be no julit among you.

4. Mind your belongings

Please, you want a holiday, not a fight. Before that happens, make sure to bring clothes, makeup tools, toiletries and all the stuff just as necessary in a bag. Already an adult, should be responsible for maintaining their luggage – each. Make sure the electronic equipment such as gadgets, cameras, power-bank, wallet is also stored safely in a small bag. Especially if traveling around a region using a motor aka touring, comfort on top of the most important motors. Do not travel un-mood because of the excess load of goods. Mutual recall what is necessary and do not need to be taken while traveling with friends is more comfortable.

5. I am a narcissistic traveler, he traveler exists

Equally – ending –is but different meaning. Which type of traveler are you? If I’m a minimal traveler type there are 100 photo shots when I’m traveling, of course I have to estimate how long I will travel. Such as I travel 3 days at least 100 photos. Such as traveling 1 week at least 1000 photos. Well but my best friend this type of traveler exists. When he reaches his destination, he will capture the moment with a simple photograph and then enjoy the beautiful scenery. The way I and my best friend of the holiday was different drastically, so for you who want to holiday with friends should be mutual tolerance and keep the privacy.

6. Attitude Is A Must

Watch your tone. Do not complain. Use a good word spoken. Always use 3 magic words; please, sorry, and thank you. You are traveling in the area of ​​people, different regions of different cultures. Mutual reminding and mutual correction is obligatory. You and your friend do not want to miss communication because the tone is too loud?

7. Don’t worry stay wary

Do not worry about things you do not need to worry about. Pray to God to be given salvation from beginning to end when traveling. Safety riding and always be careful in driving. But still must be vigilant, and stay up to date with the area visited. Do not get a fight when traveling just makes you not friends when returning home.

8. If the trouble was broken how?

Opportunity does not come 2x. Take advantage of moments of traveling with friends to better know each other’s character. Emotions must culminate when the body is tired after a day of walking especially when the budget traveling has begun to thin. It’s time to succumb and put aside each ego and enjoy all the moments. Alone for a while does not hurt. Do not get a fight when traveling just makes you not friends when returning home.

Every trip must have a story. Different opinions exist and will be real when the day.