Want to Keep Traveling in the Fasting Month?

https://cdn-image-beta456.hipwee.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/DSC_0410-655x291.jpgPrecisely today Muslims start fasting in the month of Ramadan. For those of you who still want to travel in the month of fasting, first know these 6 tips.

Not a few traveler who travel during Ramadan. Indeed in Islamic teachings there is a relief to not fast when traveling or traveler. But in fact, many travelers who still choose to fast. Legitimate, as long as you know the activities and conditions of the journey to be passed.

For those of you who still want to travel while fasting, of course there are tips that must be considered for the event a walk and fasting smoothly. Here are 6 tips for traveling stay fun even when fasting:

1. Get enough rest

Get enough rest a day before starting traveling. This is useful for gathering energy to make tomorrow’s roads more excited.

2. Drink plenty of water and vitamins during meal

When planning to travel when fasting, do not forget to consume lots of water when dawn. This is useful to avoid dehydration. In addition, do not forget also to consume vitamins to keep the body stamina maintained.

3. Do not choose too many destinations

Although fasting does not stop traveling, this does not mean that activity is done exactly when not fasting. You still have to limit. One of them by reducing the number of destinations visited.

If when not fasting, you come to 4 places in a day, when fasting limit to only 2 places. The goal is that not much energy is released and fasting is maintained.

4. Do not do extreme activities

Do not do activities that need physical strength like mountaineering and trekking. It will only make you tired quickly and may become dehydrated.

5. Customize the destination and activity time

To avoid dehydration, you can customize your traveling destinations during Ramadan. Indoor destinations such as museums, galleries or malls can be an option because it is not exposed to the sun. Starting the afternoon walk while looking for food also be a rational choice because the sun has started to decrease.

6. Choose a healthy break-fast menu

Traveling in the middle of Ramadan, surely you ‘attracted’ many local specialties for the menu. But it’s good you choose a healthy fasting menu.